Privacy Policy

Sonnox Limited,
1 Manor Barns Business Park,
United Kingdom 

("Sonnox") is maintaining and using ("Data Processing") your name, address, and other personal data ("Personal Data") for the purposes described below. Please be informed that Sonnox may also store the history of your procurement of Sonnox products and services ("Personal History"). Please ensure that you the read the Sonnox Privacy Policy thoroughly before you register.

1. Use of Personal Data
Your Personal Data and Personal History will be used by Sonnox for the following purposes of Data Processing:

* To provide you with the latest information on products, services, promotional offers and campaigns of Sonnox;

* To seek your opinion from time to time;

* To compile statistics for Sonnox; and

* To provide you with customer support from Sonnox.

Please understand that there may be certain services that cannot be used without providing your Personal Data.

2. Storing of Personal Data

Sonnox Limited will ensure that all appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place to protect your Personal Data and Personal History from unauthorised access by third parties.

3. Disclosure

Without your consent Sonnox will not disclose the Personal Data and Personal History to any third party, except for the following cases:

* For the performance of a service or a contract you are party to or for serving the purposes described in Paragraph 1 above (in case the third party is acting on behalf of Sonnox , Sonnox will ensure that it will comply with the Sonnox Privacy Policy); or

* For compliance with a legal obligation to which Sonnox is subject, or for the purposes of the interests pursued by Sonnox as provided by law.

Please note that anonymous data from which you cannot be identified are always excluded from the restriction described in this Policy.

4. Contacts

Should you wish to confirm the Personal Data and Personal History, Sonnox will provide you with your Personal Data and Personal History stored. When there are errors in or changes to your Personal Data, Sonnox will correct inaccurate or outdated information in accordance to your request. Further you have the right to request the amendments or deletion of your Personal Data. In these cases and in case you should have any questions please contact us at:

[email protected]


Without limiting your rights under the applicable law, Sonnox reserves the right to modify, amend to and/or withdraw from any part or whole of this Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion.